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DR. GEORGE (Dr. Tarek GEORGE Zeitoune, D.D.S) graduated from the French Jesuit High School. Because he likes art including oil paintings and sculpture, he decided to go into dentistry and went to a school where art meets science and received his degree in dental medicine and surgery from Cairo University and completed The Dental Refresher Program at UCLA dental school. DR. GEORGE is dedicated to quality dentistry and also a dental quality assurance auditor with a certificate issued by the California association of Dental Plans. DR. GEORGE enjoys doing cosmetic dentistry and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has been practicing dentistry for over 15 years. DR. GEORGE was an international champion in speed ball playing against France and Spain. He is also a swim champion. If you have questions about dentistry, DR. GEORGE would be happy to answer them. Just give him a call at (949) 515-8181.

Hi, My name is DR. GEORGE and I have been practicing dentistry for the past fifteen years. I have always had one goal to achieve and that was to create a dental practice that would serve my community in a relaxing, professional and fun atmosphere. We have been enhancing people's smiles for over a decade. Our office was awarded for excellence nationwide for design, technology and patient comfort.

We are inviting you to visit us and become our permanent guest rather than a patient. We feature the latest in dental technology, including the safer digital x-ray, the computerized intra-oral camera, personal CD and DVD players in each room, all while relaxing on our luxurious massage chairs. Our educational program featured on a large plasma screen TV will answer all your dental concerns. Call us to help you create a dazzling smile of your own!

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